Willa Dragonfly

Latchkey Kingdom's (mostly) silent protagonist. Willa is gifted for an adventurer of her age, and naturally helpful. She has a tendency to get in over her head.


Zander Hilla

Willa's first and best friend. While good at heart, his royal upbringing has made him a little self-centered.


Rosaline (I) LanisTark

Princess and (current) heir of the Angelonian Empire. Rosaline's parents sent her to live in Hilla following a certain 'incident'.



A misanthropic waif living in the dungeons under Hilla. She's fascinated with explosives and fire. She's a softy deep down, way, way, way, deep down.


Debbie Hives

Hilla's top postal offical. The fact that the Cartographer's Guild trusts a single teenager to oversee the mail for an entire kingdom either means they think very highly of Miss Hives, or care very little for Hilla.


Nikol Mimagi

A former pirate and ninja, who has renounced violence (against people) and moved to Hilla and gotten a job as a postal carrier to lay low.



A duplicate of Willa of uncertain origin. Although she has all of Willa's memories until very recently, small signs of a unique personality have begun to emerge.


Jane D'Arc

Jane's mother taught her everything she knows about swordplay and then charged her an exobitant rate, forcing Jane to take work as a junior mercenary to pay her back. She's also got a total crush on Willa.